Awaken your skin in winter time!

After the holidays, coming back to our routine isn’t always easy. We often find ourselves setting aside skincare or maybe doing just the essential, like cleanser and face cream, without realizing that in winter, and especially after a period spent eating sugary and fatty foods, skin needs to be awakened.

In addition, drops in temperature, wind and harsh external agents like pollution, are still putting our precious skin barrier to the test. For this reason, skin may result grey and dull, or dry and reddened.

So, what are the best things to do to restore a healthy and bright complexion?

The key word to start is exfoliation. Dead skin cells are the main reason of a dull and thickened skin.

Skin renovates every 27/28 days. As they age, skin cells go to the surface and conclude their path with the desquamation (dead cells). Exfoliation helps skin to get rid of old cells and to obtain more quickly the new ones, boosting cell turnover. We can think of dead cells like a layer of dust which settles on the face, preventing the optimal absorption of the products applied and precluding skin’s brightness.

Exfoliation can be chemical or mechanical. In this article we will talk about chemical exfoliation with alfa and beta hydroxy acids. Both AHA and BHA can penetrate into skin’s surface and remove dead cells from the corneal layer of the epidermis.

AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid and malic acid. They exfoliate giving more brightness to the complexion, and they also improve skin’s texture and reduce spots and wrinkle’s appearance.

The most functional AHA is glycolic acid, which, differently from the other alfa hydroxy acids, enhances collagen’s production.

For the most sensitive skins, acids to be preferred are mandelic an lactic acid.

AHA are suitable for dry skin, damaged skin and sensitive skin.

They must be used with caution and paying attention, but if you’ll choose the most suitable for your skin and act gradually, there won’t be any problem.

Among beta hydroxy acids or BHAs, we find salicylic acid, which exfoliates skin, enters deeply in the pores and unclogs them from the inside, has soothing properties and gives radiance to the complexion.

It is ideal for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Beginners need to start gradually, using these products every other day by night.

Recommended product (click on the image for more information):

Green Derma Real Gauze Peeling Mask AHA or BHA









Our skin, now perfectly cleansed and exfoliated, is now ready to receive treatments that will make it soft and elastic. The best thing to do in winter is to choose a richer cream, according to our own skin type, or adding to our routine Korean emulsion, which is usually water based and has a lighter consistence which locks moisture preventing its loss during the day. Functional ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, collagen, panthenol, ceramides and emollients like vegetable oils will be the best allies for a perfectly hydrated and nourished skin.

Recommended products: Collagen Dream 70 Cream, with marine collagen and açai berries

Herb Blending Emulsion, with shea butter and coconut oil

Another important step are sheet or hydrogel masks. Often underrated, they are actually very effective, thanks to their higher concentration of serum inside an if used regularly, they will give a great boost to the skin. Korean routine also suggests using Sleeping packs, night masks that need to be applied after toner or serum and to be left on all night. The texture is impalpable and not heavy at all, and the morning after the skin will be revitalized and elastic.

Recommended products:

Manuka Honey Real Nature Hydrogel Mask, repairing and nourishing with Manuka Honey and hyaluronic acid.

Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack, with extracts from 33 marine plants and collagen.

Last but not least, bringing along an air mist, made with aloe or thermal water to spray during the day, will help the skin by keeping it constantly fresh and hydrated.

Recommended product:

Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Air Mist, with California Aloe Vera and tea tree oil.

With these simple steps, our skin will regain its brightness. Plus, it will be protected and ready to deal with winter season in the best possible way.


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