Prepare your skin for Spring!

Spring has arrived and your skin needs something that gently awakens it, like a new routine with the right products to face the season.

First of all, a good cleansing, followed by an appropriate exfoliation,  is needed (read the previous article). Then, why not try to include a new ingredient?

In this article, we will focus on Niacinamide and its wonderful properties.

This component has become a trend in skincare thanks to its ability to fix several skin concerns, and it’s perfect to give a boost after winter time.

First of all, what is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that’s also referred to as Nicotinamide. It is an essential nutrient not only for digestive and nervous systems, but for skin too, our body’s largest organ. It has become so popular in skincare’s world because of its versatility. It improves uneven skin tone, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, and can even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

But its benefits don’t stop there. Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory that can fight cellular damage caused by free radicals and sun damage. As a result, the skin’s barrier is improved for a healthier, brighter complexion. Additionally, this precious vitamin can stimulate ceramide production, which helps our skin stay moisturized. All skin types can benefit from incorporating this precious ingredient into their skin care regimen, but some may find it especially effective. For example, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Niacinamide is an excellent relief for those with acne and rosacea. When used regularly, it can help reduce inflammation and redness, and also soothes, protects, and bolsters skin’s barrier to prevent future flare-ups.

It can be used with other substances, like AHA and BHA acids. The ideal combination is with moisturizing ones, such as ceramides, peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and plant-based oils.

Snail Solution line contains Niacinamide in good quantities (it is also found among the first ingredients in Snail Solution Homme) combined with snail mucus filtrate in high percentage, which is nourishing, rejuvenating (it makes wrinkles less visible and reduces the appearance of scars, blemishes, sunburns and other imperfections), antioxidant, purifying and anti-acne. It promotes tissues’ oxygenation and hydration as well.

Therefore, Niacinamide can be helpful, together with snail secretion and ceramide’s benefits, both for dry skin with fine lines (in this case we use face cream) and for skin with acne scars, or younger and blemished skin (emulsion).

Pair it with a Hydrogel mask rich in Hyaluronic Acid and active natural ingredients and get ready for your best spring skin!


Recommended products:

Snail Solution Skin booster: more than a toner, prepares the skin and rebalances its PH after the cleanser. With 80% Snail secretion filtrate.

Snail Solution emulsion: Lightweight emulsion enriched with snail mucus for a healthy and resilient skin. It contains lecithin, a plant-based fatty substance, to keep skin elastic and hydrated. With 76% Snail secretion filtrate.

Real Nature Hydrogel Mask Pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, stimulates cell renewal, protects the skin from external agents.


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