Discovering Argan oil, the precious gold of the desert

Directly from the arid and semi-desert regions of Southern Morocco, Argania spinosa is a tree that holds a precious secret: in fact, argan oil, called “desert gold”, is extracted from its fruits.

This plant is extremely long-lived, indeed it can go up to 200 years, and is also called the “tree of life”. It has an impressive structure and very deep roots that guarantee a good grip on the ground and allow it to convey water, in order to resist harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to its roots, Argania counteracts the advance of the desert and keeps the soil fertile. For this reason, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The fruit is a fleshy yellow berry containing a hard shelled core with two or more kernels inside, from which the famous oil is extracted. This oil boasts countless beneficial properties both in nutrition and in cosmetics.

Used externally it is a real beauty elixir, due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and phenolic compounds. Among the fatty acids we find alpha linoleic acid, precursor of omega 3, and linoleic acid, precursor of omega 6, providing a regenerating action on the skin. The antioxidants inside include vitamins A and E, that fight against the oxidation of fatty acids, thus preventing premature skin aging. Its elasticizing properties are mainly due to polyphenols, which stimulate the formation of collagen, a protein that helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the skin.

This splendid ingredient is suitable for all skin types, and especially for dry and dehydrated ones. Dry skin is more sensitive and prone to chapping, wrinkles, stretch marks and irritations, as the natural hydrolipidic balance is altered. As a consequence, the skin tissue loses elasticity, firmness and tone. Argan comes to help by moisturizing and nourishing all skin layers, even in depth, toning and giving brightness to the complexion. Since it improves hydration, it is also able to increase tissue defenses, mitigate redness and eczema, promote burn healing processes and cure sunburn.

In addition to being sold and used pure, Argan oil is included in numerous cosmetic formulations and can be found on the INCI label of a product under the name Argania Spinosa kernel oil.

Nature Republic, which takes advantage of the best natural ingredients, uses this rich oil in many of its cosmetics, including nourishing face and body creams and anti-aging products.

Iceland Firming Watery cream, face cream with pure water from Icelandic glaciers, alpine rose extract, Argan oil and ceramides, helps to smooth and rejuvenate dry, fragile and sensitive skin.

Love me Bubble body lotion, with Argan oil and Aloe Vera










It is also effectively used to protect the skin from atmospheric aggression and to strengthen brittle nails, therefore it can be found in hand creams, in synergy with essential oils and soothing ingredients such as aloe.

 California Aloe vera hand cream, with aloe, Argan oil and soothing and moisturizing plant extracts.

Lastly, Argan is included in products for the treatment of dry, damaged and stressed hair due to heat and external agents such as wind, ultra-violet rays and smog, since it gives shine and strengthens them by preventing their fall.

Argan essential Deep Care shampoo, with Argan oil, rosehip, mint and monarda didyma extract, plant with rubefacient and toning properties.

Discover all the Argan Essential line products, Real Nature Hydrogel Argan mask, Forest Garden Argan cleansing oil and much more on our online shop to take advantage of this unique ingredient and its magnificent properties!

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