Target clients are across a broad spectrum including teenagers, millennials and more mature consumers, with high end products to cater for all budgets.

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Ginseng Royal Silk

Luxurious Premium Ginseng Royal Silk line with pure gold, red ginseng and royal jelly offers intense skin nourishment and moisture, while managing skin-balancing-condition and rejuvenating the youthful-look of skin.

Herb Blending

Experience the miraculous change to the skin with Herb Blending line, formulated with Herb Active 5 substances found in The Herball, which was written 400 years ago. The Herb Active 5 extracts are Laurus Nobilis Leaf, Ash Tree, Carob seed extract, Chamomile and Cattail and they adjust oil-water balance and smoothen skin texture.


A brand-new concept of watery cream providing hydration and maintaining oil-water balance.  This line provides bright, elastic and moist skin thanks to glacier water from Iceland which is one of the world’s cleanest zones.

Real Squeeze Aloe Vera

Contains Aloe Vera’s core ingredients to maximize moisturizing and soothing, while also improving skin elasticity. Ideal for customers seeking refreshing products even for sensitive skin.

Snail Solution

Concentrated premium skincare line found in nature. The perfect line for hydrating skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and improving overall skin complexion thanks to snail secretion filtrate. Lightweight fast-absorbing formula leaving skin moisturized all day with minimal stickiness.

Super Aqua Max

Wouldn’t it be nice to just splash water on your skin when experiencing skin dryness? Formulated with moisturizing ingredients from the mineral-rich seawater of Hawaii, including an extract of 30 different marine plants from the pristine sea, Super Aqua Max line promises long-lasting moisturization and refreshment to dry skin.

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